Research: Part I

Data Visualization Aggregator:
– Collects data from multiple personal APIs, and puts the data together into various graphs of your choosing.

Visualization: Feltron Annual Report:
– Founder of Daytum and the Reporter app produces annual reports with his amassed data. The particular linked one provides a fascinating graph of being with friends versus the intimacy of the occasion.

– Nick Feltron of the above visualization does some neat work.

Visualization Tool:
– Collection of extensions for the D3.js library.

Data Collection Tool:
– Creating a graph with Quartz 2D for an iOS app, the particular link being an extensive tutorial.

Discussion Forum:
– Reddit, of course.

– Criticism of the Nike Fuelband app visualization.

Data Source:
– People sharing datasets for fun.

Data Ethics:
– “The Data Made Me Do It” – Specifically looking at Google Now.

A Book:
– “Data Smart,” Interesting mix of technicalities (graphic modularity, AI, regressions) and design theory (making it compelling)—a good all-round text on visualizing data.