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Research Assignment – Part 1

•    Data Visualization Aggregator

Collection of data visualization/data journalism by the Guardian.

•    A visualization

UrbanSensing is a platform extracting patterns of use and citizens’ perceptions related or concerning city spaces. The platform will allow to analyze users’ perceptions related to specific geographic areas and understand how population reacts to new urban policies within participatory mechanisms.

•    Artist/Designer

LUST is a multidisciplinary graphic design practice established in 1996 by Jeroen Barendse, Thomas Castro, and Dimitri Nieuwenhuizen, based in The Hague, Netherlands. LUST works in a broad spectrum of media including traditional printwork and book design, abstract cartography and data-visualisations, new media and interactive installations, and architectural graphics.

•    Visualization Tool

D3 allows you to bind arbitrary data to a Document Object Model (DOM), and then apply data-driven transformations to the document.

•    Data Collection Tool

Google doc

•    Discussion Forum

Discussion forum for the d3 library!forum/d3-js

•    Criticism

Everyone knows that the Internet has changed how businesses operate, governments function, and people live. But a new, less visible technological trend is just as transformative: “big data.” Big data starts with the fact that there is a lot more information floating around these days than ever before, and it is being put to extraordinary new uses. Big data is distinct from the Internet, although the Web makes it much easier to collect and share data. Big data is about more than just communication: the idea is that we can learn from a large body of information things that we could not comprehend when we used only smaller amounts.

•    Data Source

U.S government census

•    Data Ethics

Or anything relating to the N.S.A really.

•    A Book

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