Research Assignment

Prepare yourself for the class with some general research on data visualization and information graphics. Share interesting sources with the class.

Part 1

Due February 4

Find and explore web sites related to data visualization and information graphics. For each topic below, select a site you find valuable and write a short (2-3 sentence) description aimed at the rest of the class. Include the purpose of the site and any particularly useful information or features. Post your collection of links to the class blog. Your blog post should be well written and neatly formatted. Next week we will take some time to share the best sites.


  • Data Visualization Aggregator
    A website collects and shows data visualizations or information graphics.
  • A visualization
    A specific data visualization that you think merits sharing with the class.
  • Artist/Designer
    A website for a specific designer or company that creates data visualizations.
  • Visualization Tool
    An application, development environment, programming language, or library designed to help create data visualizations.
  • Data Collection Tool
    An application, development environment, programming language, or library designed to help collect data.
  • Discussion Forum
    A discussion forum or platform that focuses on data visualization or something related.
  • Criticism
    An essay or blog post that critically discusses a work of data visualization.
  • Data Source
    A good source of large, formatted data suitable for visualization.
  • Data Ethics
    An essay, blog post, or similar that discusses ethics in relation to data.
  • A Book
    Got to a library or book store, look at actual printed books. Any book related to data visualization counts here: collected examples, instruction, technical reference, etc. Post a description of the book and link to it on Amazon.

Part 2

Topic due February 11
Report due February 25

Review the blog posts from your classmates and find something that interests you. Prepare and deliver a 10 minute presentation on your approved topic. Your presentation must be interesting, informative, well-organized, and relevant to the class. As a general guideline, you should include at least 10 images. Presentations will be given over multiple days, but everyone is expected to be ready starting February 25.

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