Survey Assignment

In class we created and filled out a class survey. Everyone’s responses have been collected into a Google Spreadsheet.

Review and study the responses, looking for interesting trends or other meaning. Create a visualization that illuminates the data. You can focus on a particular set of questions or cover the whole survey. Feel free to use any medium you wish to create the visualization. You can code part of your visualization, but it is not required. Even a computer is not required.

Your goal is to reveal something interesting about our group, especially something that may not be apparent. It is likely that comparing responses to different questions will help with this.

When reviewing the assignment, we will vote on which work meets the following challenges:

  • Reveals the most interesting insight
  • Has the most beautiful presentation
  • Reveals the most surprising insight
  • Illustrates the most information
  • Presents the data most clearly
  • Most misleading visualization
  • Most multi-variate legible graphic
  • Most surprising/unique take on assignment

The Survey
The Results