Realtime Assignment_Proposal

  • The subject of your web page.

    My web page will be about weather. It will inform the viewers the weather of different cities around the world as well as give an approximate idea of the weather at first glance.

  • The data you will use

    Weather Underground:

  • A design comp of your visualization.
    Design comp
  • Idea

My visualization will be a world map that will be made up of circles/dots that represent the states around the world. Through  the API I have access to the longitude and latitudes of each state, and the size of the circle/dot will be based relatively on the size of the state. I will categorize temperatures in ranges, and each range will be represented by a color. Hence at first glance, the viewer can examine the similarities of temperature around the world (something like a heat map). When the viewer clicks on the dot, exact information of that state will be shown, which will include the state name, country, exact temperature at that time, and temperature range.